School is out here are a few Florida summer tips

It’s finally summer, school has ended and many of you are thinking about your summer vacations. Before you leave your house for some relaxation, you should turn off the water to your home to avoid any of these common plumbing disasters we see this time of year.

Burst toilet water supply line or washing machine hoses:

Even when you’re not home water is running through your home. Sometimes a water line can fail at the toilet or washing machine and cause water to begin pouring out and if you’re not home water will pour out of the broken line until the water is shut off. If you’re not home this can cause major flooding damage.

Water heater leaks:

If you have a tank water heater there is the potential for your water heater to leak since water is still stored in the tank. You may want to also lower the temperature to save energy so you’re not heating water while you’re away and not using it.

Broken sprinkler lines:

A broken pipe in your sprinkler system will cause water to flow until the water has been turned off. If you’re not home this can go unnoticed until it floods your yard.

Faucets and other water lines in your home:

The above water issues are the most common areas we see fail. However, you have water going to multiple locations in your home. Water is sitting in those pipes ready to be used when you turn on a faucet. If these water supply lines are corroded they can leak or break and will allow water to flow like an open faucet until the water is turned off to the home.

Understanding Water pressure

Unless you turn off the water coming into your home, water will sit in the lines ready to be used at a moment’s notice from any faucet, toilet or any water-using appliance. If any of those lines fail from age, wear and tear, or corrosion and breaks, water will flow out at the normal pressure as if a faucet is turned on until the water is shut off. We have seen many homes where this happens when homeowners are out of town and it can cause a lot of damage to your home if the water isn’t shut off and continues to flow.